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Pandoc is a document converter, this pandoc cheat sheet contains pandoc commands and some common pandoc tricks.

#Getting Started

#Pandoc Usage


$ pandoc -s [source file] -o [output file]

#Pandoc examples

#LaTeX to MS Word

Simple .tex to .docx

$ pandoc -s file.tex -o file.docx

.tex to .docx with default citations

$ pandoc -s file.tex --citeproc --bibliography=bib_library.bib -o file.docx

.tex to .docx with specific citations

$ pandoc -s file.tex --citeproc --bibliography=bib_library.bib --csl=apa.csl -o file.docx

Get .csl file from here

.tex to .docx with cross references

$ pandoc -s file.tex --filter pandoc-crossref -o file.docx

Get the filter pandoc-crossref from here

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