#Tmux CLI

#New session

Start a new session

$ tmux

Start new session with name

$ tmux new -s myname

Show all sessions

$ tmux ls

#Attach session

Attach to last session

$ tmux a

Attach to named

$ tmux a -t myname

#Kill session

Kill session-specific

$ tmux kill-ses -t mysession

Kill session but the current

$ tmux kill-ses -a

Kill sesion but mysession

$ tmux kill-ses -a -t mysession

#Tmux shortcuts


- -
Ctrl+b s Show all sessions
Ctrl+b $ Rename session
Ctrl+b d Detach from session
Ctrl+b ( Move to previous session
Ctrl+b ) Move to next session


- -
Ctrl+b c Create window
Ctrl+b w List window
Ctrl+b f Find window
Ctrl+b , Rename current window
Ctrl+b & Close current window
Ctrl+b p Previous window
Ctrl+b n Next window
Ctrl+b l Previously selected window
Ctrl+b 0...9 Switch window by number

#Copy mode

- -
Ctrl+b [ Enter copy mode
Ctrl+b PgUp Enter copy mode and scroll one page up
q Quit mode
g Go to top line
G Go to bottom line
Scroll up
Scroll down
h Move cursor left
j Move cursor down
k Move cursor up
l Move cursor right
w Move cursor forward one word at a time
b Move cursor backward one word at a time
/ Search forward
? Search backward
n Next keyword occurrence
N Previous keyword occurrence
Spacebar Start selection
Esc Clear selection
Enter Copy selection
Ctrl+b ] Paste contents of buffer_0